So, you want to open a boutique?



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Get Legit, Legally.

We walk you through the most crutial first few steps, creating a legally operating business. These steps are often skipped becuase they're overthoutght but this can create probelms in the long run. We want to set you up for success, therefor the first chapter for the guide takes you through legalizing your business federally, in your state, in your county and even in your city.

Purchasing Wholesale

We show you how and where to sign up for wholesale sites and attend markets. We even include a list of over 200 trusted 4+ star vendors to get you off to a strong start.

Setting Up Your Store

Whether you're looking to open your shop online or in-store, we walk you through how to use shopify to set up your unique and easy to navigate online store while integrating it with your store-front.

(barcoding, necessary supplies, paying sales tax, running payroll & so much more)



I've dreamed of opening a boutique in my small town for as long as I can really remember. I just didn't know where to start. I'm halfway through this guide and have never felt so confident! I can't wait to open my doors!

Amy C.


I always thought about owning a boutique of my own and wrote it off as a pipe dream, because I just didn't know how. This guide makes you realize how easy it really is.

Savannah M.


THANK YOU! Finally a boutique owner that does not gate-keep all of their information or make you feel like competition. This book has made me feel like she is genuinely rooting for my success!

Anna S.


This girl packed so much information into this guide... it's been so helpful and helped me to feel so much more confident about this decision.

Emma I.


My sister and I opened our own online boutique thanks to this guide! We would recommend this to anyone looking to get started.

Lainey W.