Meet The Author

The Step-By-Step Guide to Opening Your Own Boutique was written by boutique owner and entrepreneur, Leigha Stepp.

In early 2020 Leigha decided on a whim to open her boutique business in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, after having lost her dream job to COVID. She drained her savings account to secure a store front lease, purchase displays and spent only $3,000 on her starting inventory. In less than one-year that small business became a six-figure producing apparel store with almost 200k followers on social media. 

Leigha's most often received question was "how did you get started?" which took her back to when she was just opening. She remembers searching for weeks to find a guide that would walk her through the steps of opening a boutique business, it did not exist.

Until now. 

While still operating and growing her boutique business, Leigha has found her second passion, teaching women the ropes of entrepreneurship and equipping them with the knowledge they need  to open businesses of their own. 


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