Photography Essentials for Boutique Business

Hello besties, 

If I could give you only ONE single tip, that would be to invest in quality marketing content. 

Content makes or breaks a business. Social media is king and if you can't stand out on social media then you cannot succeed. 

Could you just use the sample images from the manufacturer? Sure. But so can everyone else and we don't want to be like everyone else. Not to mention, using stock photos will kill your SEO while using unique images will help skyrocket it. 

The point? Invest in your marketing strategy, starting with the tools to create quality content. Below, I'll share the tools and accessories that are must-haves for that quality content. 


Soft Box Lighting- The key to create those bright, crisp, natural photos. 

Ring Light- Ring lights have become pretty trendy with influencers, and there's a reason for it. This thing will  be moved around, and up and down a lot so invest in a QUALITY one that will not fall apart on you. (+ the quality ones are so bright!)





Backdrop Stand- Whatever backdrop you choose, you will need a stand that is long enough and tall enough to hold them. It's great to chose one that is easy to break down and move as well. 


Paper Roll- A paper roll is how studios create the seamless background in photos. This one is my favorite, and comes in a few different colors so you can mix it up. Simply hang on the backdrop stand above. 




Cloth drop- Prefer a cloth or sheet look? This drop cloth is perfect for that, and comes in a few colors. 




Stools/Seating- The easiest way to change up photos is by adding props. One of the best go-to's is to go from standing to sitting. Here are a few stools/chairs that act as a perfect prop without taking away from your model or product.


Natural Stool


Rattan Stool


Wishbone Chair


Acrylic "Ghost" Chair



Other Props

Add some florals, food, animals etc to spice up some photos. Keep a stock of props handy in your studio space. 

Pampas Grass




Floral Stems